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Affiliations Owner/Operator
Active Yes

David is a player on the server under the username thephonatic22. David is notable for his expansive build projects, redstone machines and being the server dictator. He is also the owner and operator of the server.

David also builds Chicken Farms on servers that often feed the whole server. The ethics of these farms are sometimes questionable but nobody has questioned it too much. In addition to chicken farms, David often builds Warehouses on the server, creating large empty spaces.

Base History

Server Year Base & Map Link Days Played
War Ridden 2013 PvP Arena (Commands)
First Amplified SMP 2014a Cliff Top (Moved) & Waterfront Mansion
Dock & New Halifax 2014b Dock
Shaynevasion 2014c Redstone World - See Redstone World
Myrunia 2015a Parliament1
Minecraft 1.8 2015b What even is this
Community Field 2016a Community Field - See Community Field (Location)
The Original Dynx 2016b Villager Trading Outpost
Skylands 2017a Sky Warehouse - See Sky Warehouse
Fluttershy 2017b "Massive Wood" - See Massive Wood
Road to Nowhere 2017c Field 2 - See Field 2
Chicken and Iron 2018 CN Tower - See CN Tower
Castles & Casinos & Villages 2020 Castle - See Castle
Winter Spawn 2021 Condo Tower - See Condo Tower
Current Server 2022 Field 3 - See Field 3

1 Myrunia was a server with the goal of creating a government, the Parliament buildings were a main project so we could start on a government





Current Server


Winter Spawn


Castles & Casinos & Villages


Chicken & Iron

Server Name

Notes & Trivia

  • David has a tendency to build large warehouses on servers, WILFs if you will.