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The TNTable Server has it's own datapack created by David that has custom advancements referencing various achievements accomplished on the server. The advancements will be listed below, some requirements and rewards are hidden to encourage diversity in activities instead of achievement hunting.

Use the Discussion page or Discord to discuss possible additions to the advancement tree.

List of Advancements

TNTable Advancements
Icon Advancement Description Parent Requirement Reward
TNTable Server Welcome to the Server! - Join the Server 10XP, TNTable Guide Book
Landscaping You have unintentionally landscaped TNTable Server Die in a creeper explosion 32 Dirt
Clumsy Boy How does this even happen? TNTable Server Hidden Hidden
Homicide Victim You need some help Clumsy Boy Hidden Hidden
Not Your Day Are you okay? Homicide Victim Hidden Hidden
Welcome Back... You got banned huh? Nice job... TNTable Server Get Banned None
Endermen Meh-ndermen The Enderman Slenderman TNTable Server Kill 10 Endermen 1 Ender Eye
Most Wanted What did you do? TNTable Server Hidden Hidden
Mercenary Please stop killing people TNTable Server Hidden Hidden
Ermagerd Villagers Ermagerd FRIENDS!!! TNTable Server Talk to 20 villagers 100XP, 1 Poppy
Genocide This is getting out of hand Ermegerd Villagers Kill 20 villagers 10XP
Wallstreet Like stealing candy from a baby Ermagerd Villagers Trade 100 times with a villager 200XP, a stick
The Rapture Guess who's NOT going? TNTable Server
DJ Drop those beats TNTable Server Have all music discs in your inventory 750XP
Mountain Mover You may need to re-evaluate your life TNTable Server Mine 50k Stone 500XP, Wooden Pick
Earth Excavator Your may need a new hobby... Mountain Mover Mine 75k Stone & 50k Deepslate 2000XP, Iron Pick
Bunker Buster Please stop Earth Excavator Mine 100k Stone & 150k Deepslate 20,000XP, Gold Pick
Cave Crafter A person of focus, commitment and sheer fucking will Bunker Buster Mine 300k Stone & 200k Deepslate 100,000XP, Diamond Pick
Stone Cold Slut With great power comes great responsibility Cave Crafter Mine 600k Stone & 400k Deepslate Hidden
Animal Farm You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals TNTable Server Breed 1000 mobs 100XP, 64 Wheat
Steak Diet You seem to like meat Animal Farm Eat 500 Steak 16 Porkchops
Chicken Diet Change it up a little maybe? Animal Farm Eat 500 Chicken 10XP, 9 Steak
Holy Chickens You are what you eat I guess Chicken Diet Eat 1200 Chicken 500XP, 64 Porkchops


  • Matt is the sole inspiration and cause for all the stone mining advancements.
  • Angus is the inspiration behind the Most Wanted advancement