TNTable History Book

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The TNTable group goes back almost a decade to when the term was first coined by Michael in his basement while working on a school project.



Early Days

Prior to Discord, Skype was the most common way we all chatted while playing the server. We had a group chat and would start calls everyday after school and play on the Minecraft server together.

In 2014, a Blogspot page existed to provide updates on the server. It can be found here.

Server History

The TNTable Community servers have been run by David for over 10 years. It began with running servers on a Sony Vaio Laptop for school projects and eventually one that was up for certain hours of the day.

Once an old computer was acquired, the server began to gain more functionality. The connection was still Wi-Fi based but now it could run for longer and unattended. This computer had 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and an 80GB ATA hard drive. It was slow, but it got the job done enough for us to still have a good time.

Eventually the server gained an Ethernet connection, though it was through powerline adapters so not ideal but an improvement. Then the server was upgraded through a computer auction and fundraising within the group. This marked the first real performance uplift the server got.