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Welcome to the contributing page. Here are some additional details, as well as tips and tricks for contributing to the wiki. It will also outline any specific processes we have developed to ensure contributions are clear and consistent. Consider this the contribution guide for the wiki.

This does not mean that you cannot contribute without following these guidelines, in fact we encourage contributions no matter how big or small, in whatever capacity you are able to. This guide is for those who wish to contribute significantly and are dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the wiki.

That being said, there is no wrong way to contribute to the wiki, keep that in mind and have fun!

Creating New Pages

Creating new pages is fun and easy! Simply find a relevant page, and edit it to add a link to a new page. Hit save and click on that new page link to begin editing!

If it is an entirely new topic you can also search the name of the page and click create a new page from there. This does have drawbacks however, in that creating pages without links makes it hard to find, and therefore hard to contribute to. The more eyes on a page, the better and more accurate the pages become. Because of this it is highly encouraged to start by linking from other pages.

When you create a new page you don't need to worry about all the information right away, the most important step is creating and linking. That way others can find it and add their own information to round out the page, or even add things you did not know about or had forgotten.

What should and shouldn't be here

Almost everything can be added to the wiki, however this is the internet, and it is publicly accessible, so do not post any personal information, anything that could get someone in legal or personal trouble, and in general be nice. It is running the same software as Wikipedia and there are extensive and detailed edit histories for each page.

There are some things that happen that do cross lines, please use your best judgement when writing about or referencing those kinds of events.

I don't know where to start

That is okay, it can be overwhelming with the amount of things that have happened and amount of information you might have in your brain. The TNTable group is now almost a decade old, that is a LOT of time for things to have happened. If you head to Wanted Pages there is a list of pages that have been referenced but the page does not exist yet. There is also Short Pages, which contains pages without much content. These can also be a great place to add more detail to and round out the page a bit.


Images should be in .jpg or similar format when possible, essentially whenever a transparency layer is not required. This helps save disk space and I anticipate that there will be many images uploaded and shared over the years. There is a 2MB limit on files that are uploaded to the wiki.

Unfortunately Minecraft saves screenshots in the .png format, it would be greatly appreciated if they could be converted prior to uploading to the wiki. This may also be necessary with the upload limit.

Replacing Images

When it comes time to replace an image, consider opening the image details page, and uploading a new version, instead of uploading a new image and changing it on the pages. This also has the added benefit of automatically updating the image on the pages that display it.

For example, if Jack updates his Minecraft skin, instead of uploading a new file and changing the file on Jack's page, click on the photo into the details page and find the option to upload a new version.


I have made templates to make starting new pages easy and to maintain consistent formatting across pages. Take a look at the headings below for the types of templates on the Wiki and how to use them. The linked Template pages have a table with information about the variables, for the most part you won't need to look at this as the visual editor has all the details you will need when adding the template to a page.

To add a template to a page, while in edit mode click on Insert, and then Template. Put the name of the template (the link) into the bar and it will auto-complete if the template exists. From there, fill out the details in the pop up window. Again, a reminder, the details don't need to be perfect right away, you can add generic stuff and then revise later.


The server template can be found here: ServerPage. Add it to the very beginning of a page, it creates the image and info box on the right side of the screen as well as adding a small description of the server to start the page.

There is also another template that goes at the bottom of server pages that provides navigation links to the previous and next server, this template is the ServerNavigation template. Be sure to include this if you are making server pages.


The pet template can be found here: Pet.


The player template can be found here: Player. Add it to the very beginning of a page, it creates the image and info box on the right side of the screen as well as adding a small description of the player to start the page.


The project template can be found here: Project. Add it to the very beginning of a page, it creates the image and info box on the right side of the screen.