Current Server

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Current Server
Server Details
Start Date December 19, 2021
End Date Ongoing
Duration TBD
Minecraft Versions
Start Version 1.18
Map Server Map

This is the current server on Minecraft. This page name will be updated and page moved when the server is done and named.


The server has a selection of Vanilla Tweaks datapacks, all the information on them can be found in Custom Commands. This includes commands, usage information, and details about what each datapack does.

Datapack Description Quick Start
Armour Statues Change armour stand positions and properties to make statues. Craft a book and quill, and name it Statues.
Fast Leaf Decay Leaves decay faster. Chop a tree.
Player Graves A grave appears on death that you can retrieve items from. When you die, find your grave and get your items.
Custom Nether Portals Create portals of any shape and size. Light a portal made entirely of obsidian.
Durability Ping Get a notification when your tools are running low on durability. Type /trigger duraPing to configure your notification settings or turn them off.
Cauldron Concrete Throw powdered concrete into a cauldron and it will turn into concrete. Craft a cauldron and fill it with water.
Datapack Description Quick Start
Redstone Rotation Wrench Wrench in game that rotates redstone components. Crafting recipe should be in crafting book.
Terracotta Rotation Wrench Wrench in game that rotates Glazed Terracotta blocks. Crafting recipe should be in crafting book.
Armoured Elytra Combine a chestplate and Elytra to give your Elytra armour points. Drop an Elytra and chestplate on an anvil to combine them. Drop it on a grindstone to separate them after.
Player Head Drops Players drop their head when killed by another player. Do not kill other players without consent or reason.
Datapack Description Quick Start
Double Shulker Shells Shulkers now drop two shells on death instead of one. Making it easier to make shulker boxes. Kill a Shulker in The End.
Dragon Drops The Ender Dragon now drops a Dragon Egg and Elytra on death. Kill The Ender Dragon after spawning it again.
Datapack Description Quick Start
Spawn Teleport to spawn. 30 second cooldown. /trigger spawn
Homes Set up to 10 different homes and teleport between them. There is a 30 second cool down. Start with /trigger sethome set 1 to set home #1, and /trigger home set 1 to teleport to home #1.
TPA Send teleport requests to other players. See their ID in Tab at the top. /trigger tpa set # where # is the number next to their name in Tab.
Back Teleport to the last place you teleported from, or where you died. /trigger back
Name Colours Set the colour of your username in chat and the player list. /trigger color to get started.
Utilities & Other
Datapack Description Quick Start
Name Colours Set the colour of your username in chat and the player list. /trigger color to get started.
Wandering Trades Mini blocks are available from Wandering Traders. Buy a mini block from a trader.
Thunder Shrine Summon a thunder storm at any time by sacrificing a Nether Star Build the shine and give it a Nether Star


Spawn has seen slow development on this server, but is beginning to change.


  • Chicken Farm
  • Nickelback Tower
  • Nether Portal
  • Cactus Farm
  • Staircase down to valley level
  • Red Team Highway
  • Edgar Allan Bro Monument
  • Suplex Duplex
  • Super Smelter
  • Sugar Cane Farm

Ongoing Projects

  • Mob Museum - Started September 15th 2022 by Jack
  • Paths - Started October 27th, 2022 by David
  • Map Room - Started October 30th, 2022 by Matt






  • The wiki was started on this server after Jack mentioned it while David was lamenting about building something and record keeping on the server. The first page was Edgar Allan Bro's page and was part of the inspiration to creating this wiki.

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