Custom Commands

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This page contains all the custom commands you might use on the server, as well as additional details for the other non-command datapacks.

** Note that this page is under construction. Please check back later. **


Command Purpose Datapack
/trigger sethome set # Set home, replace # with the home number. Homes
/trigger home or /trigger home set # Teleport to your home, or specify which home by replacing # with the number. Homes
/trigger delhome set # Delete a home, where # is the home number. Use /trigger homes to get a list of homes and their numbers. Homes
/trigger homes Lists your saved homes. Homes
/trigger namehome set # With a named nametag in your hand, run this command where # is the home you want to name. The nametag will not be used. Homes
/trigger spawn Teleport to spawn. Spawn
/trigger tpa set # Send a teleport request to the player specified with #, as found in Tab. TPA
/trigger tpaccept Accept a teleport request. TPA
/trigger tpdeny Deny a teleport request. TPA
/trigger tpcancel Cancel a teleport request. TPA
/trigger back Teleport back to the last place you teleported from, or died. Back
/trigger as_help Armour Statues information command. Armour Statues
/trigger cusNetPor Custom Nether Portals information command. Custom Nether Portals
/trigger duraPing Configure your durability ping settings. Durability Ping
/trigger grave See where any of your active graves are. Graves
/trigger color Set your name colour, this will bring up a prompt to choose which colour. Name Colors

Additional Details

Armour Statues